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Mini MasterClass in Music! Musician and aspiring Singer/Songwriters seeking to share their original music, while learning to navigate the music industry will find life lessons in each episode of The Long Island Sound podcast. Each episode of The Long Island Sound podcast is a Mini MasterClass in Music and reveals crucial lessons on how to navigate the music industry and avoid the pitfalls of failure. Your host and curiosity seeker, Steve Yusko will guide you through each episode as he discovers new original music, as well as the stories of the artists behind the music. Whether you are a lover of music or an aspiring musician, this podcast will enlighten your path while introducing you great artists and the music they create.The Long Island Sound features established music masters as well as up-and-coming artists. Each guest will share their songs and will provide tips and inspiration to help you master the music melee. Join the conversation by calling the “Listener Line” (631) 800-3579, leave your recorded comments or questions and we’ll address them in the podcast. We invite you to subscribe, rate, share and comment on the show. Together as a community of music lovers, we can help inspire, and heal the world through music. Be generous with your joy, and let the music take you on a journey!This podcast is all about The Singer, The Song and The Story!Great interviews coming up featuring artists right here along with their original music.Eager to discover new music from a wellspring of talent? Learn the backstory of the musicians you love. In this podcast, we uncover new original music as well as the backstories of each artist and their journey to deliver their art. Listeners can contribute by posing questions on our LISTENER LINE (Voice Mail) by calling (631) 800-3579. We showcase music and people who are as diverse as the neighborhoods on Long Island, NY, and abroad. Steve Yusko, your host is a curiosity seeker and musician who engages each guest in fun-loving conversation while introducing our guest's original songs during the show. Discover the journey and how our guests have navigated the turbulent waters of the music business. Up and coming artists will learn the tips of the trade to be successful in bringing their music to the forefront while understanding how The Long Island Sound podcast can be a great platform to reach a broader audience. The Long Island Sound podcast lives at and subscribers can find additional resources about the guests on the podcast and where they are playing live music throughout the area and abroad. Intrigued about what we do at podcast? Would you like to be a guest or know of someone who has an interesting story to tell and original music to offer? Please subscribe, rate, and comment on the podcast and let us know. We are happy to begin the conversation and you might just become the latest hot artist to join the cast.Interested partnering with The Long Island Sound? Reach out to our host, Looking to support us financially? Click the "Donate" button on the site an place a "goodwill" offering for us in the PayPal secure link.We appreciate your support. #MusicInterviews #LiveMusic #LongIsland #LongIslandMusic #musicproduction #singer/songwriter #steveyusko #StephenYusko #OriginalMusic #IndieMusic #GigDestiny #MusicInterview #MusicMasterClass #MasterClass #musicianinterviews #BestLongIslandMusic #BestLongIslandMusicVenues #LiveMusicVenues #TheLongIslandSound #MusicPromotion #independentArtists
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